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“The Code A Wish organization is a student run non-profit organization, and our mission is to include today’s teens to explore the changing role of technology in their lives and more importantly their future. We achieve this goal by hosting teenager friendly seminars, community events, and technology conferences that professionals pay $$ to attend; we offer all of them absolutely FREE to all high school and middle school students. We make our best effort to reach out to under served communities to include. Our team comes from different high schools from the Greater Washington DC region. Originally we created the club so “We work to bring coding to everyone and everyone to coding”, therefore, code a wish. But coding is not our purpose. Our purpose is to impact under privileged communities and teenagers one at a time, offering them opportunities that are only accessible to professionals and we firmly believe that the future of technology belongs to our generation. Join us and make this a fun ride starting today!”

Faith Cheung, Founder and CEO, Richard Montgomery High School, Maryland 

Our Team

Faith Cheung

Richard Montgomery High School

Founder, CEO

Justin Wang

Winston Churchill High School

President, Chief Operating Officer

Iris Guo

Thomas Wootton High School

Chief Marketing Officer

Audrey Dai

Montgomery Blair High School

Chief Technology Officer

Pranava Nidumolu

Thomas Jefferson High School

Chief Communication Officer


Philip Wang

Centennial High School

Chief Program Officer

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